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Divorce Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Whatever family issue you may be facing, our experienced and compassionate Birmingham, Alabama, attorney is ready to help. Whether you're ending a marriage, dividing shared property, or need to settle issues of custody and visitation, it can help immensely to have a trusted and level-headed lawyer looking out for your best interests.

Our firm also handles family law issues that may not be directly related to a divorce, such as modifications, custody, contempt proceedings, pre and post nuptial agreements. We can also help draft simple wills or help you navigate the probate process. Tell us about your particular situation and find out how we can help by calling our firm at 205-208-7710 or by using our online form to get in touch.

Don't Let A Criminal Charge Spin Out Of Control

It's easier to put out a fire when it's still small and self-contained. The same is true for criminal charges. You might have been charged with a crime like DUI or assault, and feel paralyzed by fear of what this will mean for you. In any scenario involving a criminal charge, it doesn't pay to wait until later to find out your rights, or try to fight the charges yourself. At Fullan and Fullan, we waste no time in getting a full understanding of the circumstances of your arrest. Once we understand what happened, we do everything in our power to get your charges reduced or, where possible, dismissed.